You maybe saw the last post.. But there's not gonna be any question and answer thing.. but instead you could send your questions to obeebrazilquestions@gmail.com . They're gonna open a new page called "O-Bee Brazil" or something like that..So the questions you send to them, will Omer personal answer ;) Omer told me that he felt it would be wrong to do our q&a when he had promised the O-Bee Brazil long time ago.. But maybe another time, if he wants :)

Be creative, and send your questions to the mail I wrote!

SO WRITE AN EMAIL TO obeebrazilquestions@gmail.com

-Maria K

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03.nov.2011 kl.17:42

Spør noen selv også, jeg..

-Hva er det du synes er så kjekt med å opptre?

-Hvem inspirerer deg utenom MJ?


03.nov.2011 kl.17:51

Likå du julesanger? I så fall, hvilke? :)


03.nov.2011 kl.18:11

O-Bee what inspires you?:)

What Michael Jackson's song is your favorite?)

O-Bee, what do you think about showbusiness today?

O-Bee, what do you think about smoking, it's very bad for your health and especially for voice?

O-Bee, with which performer would you most like to sing duet?

Do you have plans to become a star of world level, to become a world famous artist:)?

O-Bee do you want go on tour?

In which country was filmed clip "Life is and movie"?

About what will be your next clip?

O-Bee,you sing songs in English, but also speaking Norwegian language. What language is dearer for you?:)

O-bee please tell, when will be next Ustream with YOU?)

Omer, what do you think and feel to your fans?

Why should wait your fans around the world?


03.nov.2011 kl.18:20

Har du noen planer om å komme å ha show i Stavangerområdet? :)

Ville du gjort en låt med Lady Gaga? Hvorfor/Hvorfor ikke?

Julia Oberhollenzer

03.nov.2011 kl.18:30

hva er ditt beste minne om å møte en fan? :)

hvilken film er din favorittfilm og hvorfor? :)

Hva er det KULESTE du har gjort? :)

Hva kledde du deg ut som på halloween? :)



03.nov.2011 kl.18:44

Omer, in what other kind of music you would like to sing?

Would you like to visit Russia someday?

What do you aspire?

What is the most important thing in life for you now?

If I can, I'll correct some of my previous questions:

What should wait your fans around the world?

O-Bee, who would you like to sing a duet?

Do you have plans to become a star of world level, to become a world famous artist:)?

O-Bee, you sing songs in English, but Also speaking Norwegian language. What language is dearer for you?:) (What language do you prefer more?)

(Omer, sorry my english, please. I practice it. With Love, your fan from Russia, Julia Dobina)

Lídia Vanessa

03.nov.2011 kl.18:52

Omer! Do you drink and smoke?


03.nov.2011 kl.20:05

Do you want to go to Russia?

(We are wait for you)

from Russia with love



03.nov.2011 kl.20:37

- Når planlegger du en turnè?

- Hva er det som motiverer deg mest til å opptre?

- Når kommer neste singel og neste Ustream? :)

Digger deg! :)

Natalia Ayuso

03.nov.2011 kl.22:36

How dd you feel when you met Michael for the first time?

What is your favourite ice cream taste?

Natalia Ayuso

03.nov.2011 kl.22:47

how did you feel when you started to have so many fans?


04.nov.2011 kl.06:28

Do you decided to have a baby chimp!? :)

If you could meet anyone dead or alive and talk to him an hour, who you met and why?

What else would you like to achieve in life?

If you could be any superhero, who would you become?

Would you like to go to public places and to be unrecognizable?

What in your life are you most proud of?

Who is your best friend?

Do you think music can heal?

How do you spend your free time?

What people are most attracted to you?

O-Bee thank you for this opportunity, thank for your dance & music;) <3

And ofcause thank to Maria for this blog & old work that she do:)


04.nov.2011 kl.10:36

One more questions:)

Omer, all of us know that 'K.i.D.S.' mean - Knowing. Imagination. Determines. Success. But what it is - organization, your team...or anything/anybody else?

O-Bee, if you can write or sing only one song about what it'll be?

Natalia Ayuso

04.nov.2011 kl.15:41

would you like to come to Argentina? if yes, what place do you like to visit more?

what is your favourite movie?

what is your favourite sport?

what is your favorite book?

what is your favorite date of the year? why?

what is your favorite place in the world?

what do you enjoy to do with your familiy?

How did you feel when you are dancing?

Natalia Ayuso

04.nov.2011 kl.19:37

How many times a week going to the gym?

Did you study something after high school?

Which is the best gift you ever had?

How many hats do you have?

Hope your answers! With LOVE & LOYALTY! Natalia <3


05.nov.2011 kl.14:23

Will whether the calendar for 2012 with your photos!?

Maria K

05.nov.2011 kl.14:46

I've sent all of you guys questions!

Lyuba Gurtueva

06.nov.2011 kl.10:56

Hello O-Bee! You the excellent singer and the amazing dancer, but would like to be engaged you still than that is professional?
from Russia with love
Lyuba (:

Natalia Ayuso

17.nov.2011 kl.02:29

What was the first song you wrote?

How many tattoos do you have?

Are you going to do another tattoo? if yes, where?

Maria K

17.nov.2011 kl.12:47

Im sending all of your questions to obee-brazil :)

Andrea N

17.nov.2011 kl.19:57

Do you speak spanish or dou you know some word in spanish?

Have you ever heard something About my country Bolivia?

how much time do you dedicate to rehearsing?

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